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Get an all-access pass to the largest online screenwriting event in the world! 

Want all-year access to this 2017 TSL Screenwriting Summit? It’s packed with inspiration, practical advice and candid anecdotes from over 36 industry professionals at the top of their game in the current industry climate – from Academy Award-winning screenwriters and producers to seasoned Hollywood studio execs.

Events similar to this cost thousands of dollars to attend (plus the cost of flights and hotels). This online event is conveniently accessible from your home, anytime!

You’ll love it, or your money back. We’re so confident in the quality and quantity of information and inspiration in this summit that we’re offering a 100% satisfied or your money back guarantee.

**BONUS: Donated by our friends at ScreenCraft, All-Access pass holders will also get exclusive free access to ALL 7 ScreenCraft Masterclass courses! ($133 value)

Buy your annual all-access membership for only $139 today (available for purchase at this discounted price until the end of this year).

All proceeds benefit our industry non-profit partners: The Writers Guild Foundation, Young Storytellers, 826LA and NewFilmmakers LA!

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